About Us

The Montana Republican Legislative Campaign Committee (MRLCC) is the official campaign arm of Montana’s Republican Legislators.

The MRLCC is dedicated exclusively to electing more Republicans to the State House and Senate. The MRLCC provides financial, training and strategic assistance to legislative candidates, ensuring that candidates are equipped with the necessary tools to run effective and efficient campaigns.


Senator Greg Hertz, Chairman

Greg Hertz is serving his first term as Senator for District 6 in Lake County. Greg was first elected to the Montana House of Representatives in 2012.  During the 2019 Legislature, he was elected as Speaker of the House.  Greg and his wife Kate live in Polson.



Board of Directors

  • Senator Forrest Mandeville, Treasurer
  • Senator Jason Ellsworth
  • Senator Steve Fitzpatrick
  • Senator Dennis Lenz
  • Senator Jeremy Trebas
  • Representative Rhonda Knudsen, Vice Chair
  • Representative Sue Vinton
  • Representative Matt Regier
  • Representative Josh Kassmier
  • Representative Brandon Ler
  • Representative Kerri Seekins-Crowe


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