Apprentice hunter rules outlined

Montana’s Fish and Wildlife Commission approved a new rule last week that clears the way for the state’s apprentice hunter law to take effect.

The law, enacted earlier this year by the Legislature, allows youngsters 10-17 years of age to obtain a certification to purchase some Montana hunting licenses before completing a hunter education course. Apprentice hunters are required to be accompanied by an adult mentor.

The $5 Apprentice Certification is available only at FWP offices.

The new rule approved last week defines certain mentor responsibilities and establishes the process for designating and identifying a mentor.

Under the law, apprentice-hunter certification is for two license years only. After two years, the apprentice hunter must complete a hunter safety and education course. Also, to participate in the program, an apprentice hunter must: be between the ages of 10-17 years old; obtain a $5 certification from an FWP office; certification forms are available online; have all appropriate licenses in their possession at all times while in the field.


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