Former Rep Derek Skees to run for HD 11

Former HD4 Representative Derek Skees has announced his Republican candidacy for the HD 11 race in 2016.

A general contractor in the Flathead, Derek understands how government policies can directly affect families and businesses in Montana. Derek rallied against Obamacare during his Legislative tenure in 2011, drafting bills that called for a rejection of Obamacare in Washington, while strengthening Montana’s ability to resist Federal overreach in this state.

Having been involved with the Legislative process in the past 6 years, Derek has fought to protect doctors and the elderly from the abuses of Physician Assisted Suicide, the rights of the innocent in the womb, defending our right to keep and bear arms, fighting for the water user against the CSKT Water Compact, and for increased privacy for the citizen and transparency for the government.

Derek would like to see a session dedicated to reform, repeal and replacement of the pro-government anti-business legislation that has dominated Montana politics for so long.

America and Montana are waking up to the abuses of unrestrained government, and Derek understands the demand from citizens for better government, more courageous legislators, and principled commitments made on the trail and  kept in Helena. He has proven his dedication to these principles in the past, and he will continue to do so in the future…for Montana


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