BILLINGS, Mont. — Representative Daniel Zolnikov (R-Billings) announced today that he is seeking reelection to House District 45 in Billings. He will officially file his campaign paperwork in Helena on Thursday.

“I’m running to continue serving my constituents by fighting for their rights, creating a more favorable job environment in Montana, and bringing unprecedented transparency to the voting process in Helena,” Zolnikov said.

Zolnikov is the only member of the Montana Legislature to share all of his votes on his public Facebook page. He has made a name for himself in Montana and around the country for pioneering groundbreaking legislation addressing new technology and privacy rights.

“Special interests aren’t happy that I call it as I see it in the Legislature and sponsor bills to protect Montanans from the overreach of government,” Zolnikov said. When I ran for office, my constituents told me to do what was right, not what was popular. I have and will continue to do just that.”

“I knew protecting Montanans’ right to privacy and ensuring reporters can fulfill their role as government watchdogs without intrusion might not go over too well with some people in Helena. That’s why I was the very first Republican House member that special interests recruited an opponent against in this primary election,” he said.

Zolnikov was recently awarded with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility’s 2015 Leadership Award for successfully passing a law giving minors immunity from MIP laws if they face an emergency medical situation. Zolnikov also helped revise Montana’s outdated transportation laws to allow ride sharing services like Uber to operate in the Treasure State, an effort which is expected to help reduce Montana’s drunk driving epidemic.

“We’ve accomplished a lot in the last two legislative sessions, but there is a lot more left to do,” Zolnikov said. “As one of Montana’s youngest representatives, I’m excited to fight for policies that will keep Montana the Last Best Place for future generations.”

Daniel Zolnikov represents the people of House District 45 in Billings, Montana. Forbes ranked Daniel among the top “30 Under 30” policymakers in the nation, and Red Alert Politics recognized him as one of the country’s “Top 30 Conservatives” under the age of 30. Visit www.danielzolnikov.com for more info. 


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