Former HD 3 Rep. Jerry O’Neil endorses Taylor Rose

COLUMBIA FALLS, Montana—Yesterday, former House District 3 Republican legislator Jerry O’Neil endorsed Taylor Rose, the young Republican running for the Montana House of Representatives in the same district.

“Taylor is a very intelligent and perceptive young man” O’Neil said in a meeting yesterday between himself and Rose. O’Neil added that “Taylor has very original ideas on how to improve the economic situation of our region and can definitely work across party lines to achieve legislative results.”

Rose is running unopposed in the Republican primary, which will be held on June 7th, yet he is still actively working to talk to the voters and seek the support of community leaders.

“I am very honored to receive Jerry’s endorsement” Rose said at the meeting. “Jerry is a very principled man and I am glad to have the support and perspective of the man who represented this area for a long time in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.”

O’Neil was pleased to hear from Taylor, that he is committed to protect the 2nd Amendment and pushing back against the federal government’s overreach in Montana as it effects both our civil liberties and economic well being. “Taylor is absolutely correct to understand that it is the federal government’s intrusion into our domestic affairs that is leading to a decline in wages and making living in northwest Montana more difficult.  I am very impressed with him.”

Jerry O’Neil served in the Montana Senate from 2001-2009 and then switched over to the House of Representatives, where he served two terms from 2010-2014.


Taylor Rose is the Republican candidate running for House District 3 of the Montana House of Representatives.



Taylor Rose for Montana



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