Bipartisan Appropriations Committee Fully Funds Highway Infrastructure Projects

HELENA, Mont. – With bipartisan agreement, the Montana Legislature today fully funded Montana’s highway infrastructure projects, saving hundreds of jobs and ensuring that essential road construction projects are completed.

The vote was taken in the Joint Appropriations Subcommittee on Natural Resources and Transportation to fund $220 million in additional construction projects, on top of those already proposed by Governor Steve Bullock.

“I’m incredibly proud of the work my subcommittee did to fully fund Montana’s highway infrastructure projects for the next two years. Without a single person losing their job, this proposal will build roads and cut government waste, and we don’t do it on the backs of Montana’s taxpayers,” Subcommittee Chair Representative Carl Glimm stated.

In January, Representative Greg Hertz (Speaker Pro Tempore) introduced legislation to fund highway construction projects that Governor Bullock had cut over the legislative session interim.

“This is a bipartisan solution that actually cuts government bureaucracy and puts that money toward real infrastructure projects where people across Montana will see real results,” Hertz stated.

The funds for these projects will come from vacant positions within the Montana Department of Transportation as well as changes in some administrative costs.


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