Senate Republicans Reject Governor Bullock’s Sales Tax

Helena, Mont. – The Montana Senate Republican Caucus today unanimously rejected the Governor’s sales tax bill to double the sales tax on wine.

“Republicans are united in their opposition to a sales tax on the price of wine,” said Senator Mark Blasdel, R-Kalispell. “Montanans sent us to Helena to balance the budget in a responsible manner, not by raising taxes on middle-class families and their purchases.”

“We all heard Governor Bullock promise he’s against a sales tax but now he’s turned around and wants a sales tax on consumer goods,” said Senate Majority Leader Fred Thomas, R-Stevensville. “Republicans won’t stand for it, which is why we defeated his sales tax on wine. I strongly urge my colleagues to continue to resist all of Bullock’s sales tax proposals. It only serves to raise prices and hurt Montanans, and that’s not how you responsibly balance the budget.”

The Montana Senate rejected Governor Bullock’s SB 191, the Wine Sales Tax bill, 49-0.


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