Update from the Chairman

The Montana Republican Legislative Campaign Committee had a great year, and we are ready for the General Election in 2020.

In September of last year the MRLCC hosted the 2nd Annual President and Speaker’s Cup. A golf tournament aimed at raising funds to allow the MRLCC to further our goal of ensuring Republican candidates are equipped with the necessary tools to run effective and efficient campaigns. Thanks to our sponsors the tournament was very successful, with the MRLCC raising nearly $55,000. There were 100 golfers in attendance, comprised of sponsors, legislators and candidates. It was a great event that allowed the MRLCC to get a jump start on 2020 and our goal of providing financial and strategic assistance to legislative candidates in the upcoming election year.

In November we hired a staffer who has already begun working with candidates on creating and implementing their campaign plans. He is also working on developing resources for candidates to utilize, such as campaign checklists, information on making social media work for them, and connecting them with vendors and resources.

Republicans have a strong list of candidates who have filed since January 9 and I know we can expect more to file before the deadline on March 9. The MRLCC does not get involved in primaries, however we do provide education to any Republican candidate who requests it. We recently held a training at the MTGOP’s Winter Kickoff in Helena at the end of January. There we provided training covering campaign plans and an overview of how to utilize social media to engage with constituents.

We will work diligently to see Republicans elected in the general election and I look forward to serving with a strong Republican majority next January.

Chairman Greg Hertz, MRLCC


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