Senate Republicans Highlight Conservative Recognition to Close Out the Year

Montana Senate Republicans have earned recognition from a variety of conservative and business groups for their strong voting records in 2021.

Senate Republicans averaged an impressive 89 out of 100 across four prominent legislative scorecards with the composite score of every Republican senator ranging between 75 and 95.

Senate Majority Leader Cary Smith, R-Billings, praised the caucus for its unity and dedication to enacting conservative policy in the 2021 legislative session.

“Members of our Republican caucus bring diverse points of view and life experiences from all across the state,” Smith said. “Unlike the Democrats, we’re independent thinkers and we don’t always agree on every issue. But these scorecards put some numbers on what we already knew: we’re a broadly unified caucus that worked together this year to pass strong conservative policy for the benefit of Montanans.”

 Republican senators averaged 85 on the Trump conservative CPAC scorecard, 82 on the libertarian-leaning Americans for Prosperity Montana scorecard, 95 on the pro-business Montana Chamber of Commerce scorecard, and 95 on the social conservative Montana Family Foundation scorecard.

CPAC’s 85 score ranks Montana’s Senate Republicans as the sixth most conservative Senate Republican caucus in all 50 states during the most recent legislative sessions analyzed.

“Trump Republicans, conservative libertarians, pro-business Montanans, and social conservatives should all know that Montana Senate Republicans delivered for them in 2021,” Smith said.


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