Bullock Denies Montanans Freedom and Affordability in Healthcare

Helena, Mont. – Yesterday, Governor Steve Bullock denied Montanans the opportunity to lower the cost of their healthcare and provide doctors and patients freedom from onerous federal regulations.

Bullock vetoed Senate Bill 100, sponsored by Sen. Cary Smith, R- Billings, which would have allowed patients and doctors to enter into direct agreements about healthcare options. Removing third party providers would have lowered the cost of health care for Montanans by eliminating the onerous federal regulations placed on insurance. The bill would have allowed Montana citizens to have more control over their healthcare regardless of action taken in Congress on Obamacare (ACA).

Senator Cary Smith made the following statement:

“Costs continue to rise in healthcare. Obamacare has not solved that problem. This bill would have provided an innovative way for Montanans to take back control over their healthcare decisions, especially those that cannot afford health insurance. It is clear that Governor Bullock, like President Obama, does not have the best interests of Montanans in mind and wants to dictate how private citizens make healthcare decisions.”

Senate Bill 100 passed the House and Senate and was sent to Governor Bullock with bi-partisan support.


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