Legislature Again Votes to Protect Whistleblowers

HELENA, Mont. – The Montana Legislature again voted to protect whistleblowers from retaliation in state government positions, sending a clear message to Governor Steve Bullock.

“The people of Montana have sent a strong message through the Legislature that they want more transparency in state government,” stated Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen. “I urge Governor Bullock to quickly sign HB 208 so that state employees are protected for bringing light to potential issues within our agencies.”

House Bill 208, introduced by Representative Kirk Wagoner (HD 75), passed the Senate on a unanimous bipartisan vote. The bill will provide protections against retaliation of state employees who, in good faith, allege waste, fraud or abuse within a state agency.

“It is notable to many of us that this bill to provide additional transparency to our state moved through the legislative process during ‘sunshine week’ which is focused on doing just that,” stated Wagoner.

The Legislature made a previous attempt at additional transparency in state government with HB 202, which would have added protections for public workers who report ‘matters of public concern’ to a state, representative. Bullock vetoed HB 202 on March 7.


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